2019 Founders Day Reservations

The following have registered for the 2019 Founders Day Dinner on April 6th. The list is updated manually so don’t expect your name to show up immediately. (Note: They are sorted alphabetically by last name.  SAE’s and guests are listed separately.
Last Updated March 30, 2019.
We’re up to 66 attending.  I’ll update the list later today, April 3rd.
If you have questions call Brad Smith at 913-484-6029.

Alad Aguirre
Susan Bowers
Greg Brandt
Julie Brandt
Bob Carswell
Eric Chapman
Will Cocking
Jeffrey Cook
Laura Daimler
Thorne Daimler
John Dillingham
Nancy Dillingham
Fred Embry
Jill Embry
Jana Frye
John Jurcyk
Michael Kimberlin
Matthew Leisman
Bill Magee
Nancy Magee
Stephen Matthews
Cody McCarty
Ed McConwell
Linda McConwell
John Meitner
John Millard
Henrietta Miller
Stacy Miller
John Miller Jr.
John Miller Sr.
Michael Mullally
Todd Nye
Max Orchard
Stephen Platt
Barbara Reed
DuMont Reed
Scott Richart
Grey Rogers
Bradford Smith
J Harlan Stamper
Clark Stewart
Evan Stewart
Karen Stewart
Sue Ann Stewart
Jake Swickard
Justin Tinkler
Dylan Vance
Linda Vincent-Smith
Dylan Wahlen
Adam Wells
David Zimmerman
Diane Zimmerman